Coffee Taxonomy

Key Message:
A multicultural love affair.

Scope of Works:
Art Direction
Branded Environments
Graphic Design
Square One Coffee Roasters are not like any other coffee roaster. Yes, they do roast coffee, but their aspirations are to inspire - to show everyone from the coffee connoisseur to the everyday consumer that coffee can be enjoyed and appreciated on multiple levels.

The Objective: Environmental branding in the form of a series of custom-illustrated printed posters.

The Opportunity: For many of us, coffee is a big part of our daily ritual, yet very few of us actually understand how and where it grows, the stages of growth and the genetic makeup of different beans. Our goal was to create a series of posters that would both educate and decorate - art that informs.

The Outcome: Our approach was inspired by classic taxonomy posters, which we redesigned to speak to a modern market. We commissioned an illustrator to create a series of illustrations that appeared almost as if they had been created or painted with coffee. A modern approach to typography that also skewed to the old-fashioned unites the style of the past with our new interpretation. The result is a set of posters that appeals to both the coffee connoisseur and the everyday drinker.
Illustration by Beth Emily
Printing by Gunn & Taylor