Key Message:
Hazel is the alternative to alternative milks.
A masterful creation.

Scope of Works:
Art Direction
Brand Identity
Digital Design
Creative Strategy
Graphic Design
Livery Design
Print Design
Hazel is a delightful mix of style and sass. She’s the odd one out in a room full of familiar faces. She’s a little bit different, but by no means peculiar. Her creative flair is balanced by a softness that must be experienced to be fully appreciated. She gathers the crowd, starting conversations everyone wants to be a part of. Once she’s done with her morning run, she’s out dancing, in the wilderness of Fitzroy; hair swaying to the sounds of Frank Ocean. Then up the next day with a coffee in hand, ready to hit the town all over again. She’s full of substance; charming and sassy with a touch of cheek.

The Objective: A new brand identity including packaging and website design.

The Opportunity: To create a visual and verbal identity for a hazelnut milk product that would achieve immediate cut-through in a market already saturated with other alternative milks. The natural qualities of the hazelnut milk make it perfect for latte art, so the approach should be designed with baristas in mind.

The Outcome: Our creative execution centred around creating a charismatic, engaging brand personality, so Hazel the milk became Hazel the woman. This approach allowed the client to articulate and ‘own’ the essence and lifestyle of the health-conscious target demographic while also creating a platform to illustrate that Hazel is much more than just another alternative milk product.
Brand Visuals by 3D2D
Packaging Production by On-Time Concepts
Printing by Gunn & Taylor