Key Message:
Quietly Confident

Scope of Works:
Art Direction
Branded Environments
Brand Identity
Digital Design
Creative Strategy
Graphic Design
Print Design
Monroe’s quiet confidence is what makes this meeting place different from the rest. A cafe in the heart of Richmond, a concept that is modern Melbourne, elevated.
This cafe was the first in a planned series of seven, each intended to reference one of the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Heavenly Virtues of Christian theology.

The Objective: Visual identity including packaging, collateral and signage for a new cafe - the first in a series of seven.

The Opportunity: To create a brand identity that communicates the concepts of Pride and Humility (one each of the seven deadly sins and the seven heavenly virtues) and stands out without ‘shouting’.

The Outcome: Inspired by the silent composition 4’33”, this direction explores noise and the juxtaposed personae of the proud and the humble. Our graphic execution utilises lines to illustrate the varying degrees of pride and humility. Collections of lines could demonstrate different ‘volumes’ - multiple lines depict extroverted bellowing voices (pride), while smaller collections demonstrate introverted soft voices (humility.) Our design also integrates with the interiors through a direct connection to the linear ombre mirror.
Interior Design by DKO
Printing (Collateral) by Gunn & Taylor
Printing (Packaging) by O'Kelly Group