Square One Posters

Key Message:
Coffee is a multicultural love affair.

Scope of Works:
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Print Design
Square One Coffee Roasters are not like any other coffee roaster. Yes, they still roast coffee, yet their aspirations are to inspire; to show everyone from the coffee connoisseur to the everyday consumer that coffee can be enjoyed and appreciated at a multitude of levels.

The Objective: A series of posters designed to illlustrate and communicate the unique character and qualities of each of the client’s major coffee growing regions.

The Opportunity: Coffee is a multicultural affair — one that can momentarily transport you into a different time and space. One that unites cultures across the globe. Each country possesses an energy and story unique to its own people and place. These posters aim to draw upon the character and colour of each region, while reflecting the procedure and knowledge Square One holds integral to its business. Square One engages the coffee bean with excitement and vigour. This passion is matched with a thorough and methodical understanding of best practice and process.

The Outcome: The colourful gradients render the posters to reflect each country’s flag, while also act as an extension of Square One’s undulating brand pattern. Perfect tension and balance is considered in the design of the poster. The poster exteriors are vibrant and energetic; creating engagement and an interest for the information within. Legibility and clarity is of highest priority for the poster’s internal spread—and rigorous type-setting has been implemented.