Wonder Cacao

Key Message:
Wonderful world of chocolate

Scope of Works:
Art Direction
Brand Identity
Creative Strategy
Graphic Design
Livery Design
Print Design
Slathering a luscious, silky chocolate puddle back and forth on a marble slab; the process of tempering chocolate is tangibly captured, enticing a desire to discover, touch and taste. Wonder Cacao incites a delectable bliss and captures your imagination.

The Objective: Our packaging and brand design for Wonder Cacao began with a brief to elevate the chocolate experience. Through the client’s own love for chocolate and a wanderlust that had him explore the world to find the best cacao, we had the perfect creative starting point.

The Outcome: Our design centres on the lathering and swathing of chocolate, whilst also mimicking the client’s own journey across many mountainous regions. A custom moulded emboss was painstakingly hand etched, aligning to the artisanal art form of the chocolatier. A custom logotype was designed with luxury in mind with a subtle wisp adding to the sense of a journey and adding a touch of femininity.
Packaging Production by Gunn & Taylor
Photography by Folioio